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Colors & Emblems

Colors: Royal Blue and White. 

Silver/Gray is used as a trim/accent color.  The Football Team wears metallic silver helmets and silver pants.



School Logo:



The use of the interlocking "LG" logo dates back to the earliest history of the school.

The outlined star featuring the "L.G." was adopted in the 1970s.



School Crest:

 The School Crest is properly described as:

A Blazon Lined argent, tierced per bend sinister embossed "Grangers."  Dexter Gavel and Quill proper.  Sinister Talarius proper.  Above "L" banded counter dexter "Veritas," sinister "Valor."  Banded below "LaGrange," dexter fold "H," sinister fold "s."

What this means is:

The Crest's centerpiece is a shield, called a Blazon tinted silver.  On the shield is a diagonal line running from the bottom right to the top left* embossed with the mascot name "Grangers."  In the upper right of the shield are the Gavel, symbol of Justice and authority, and the Quill the symbol of scholarship and learning.  In the bottom left is the Talarius, or winged sandal, which represents the body and athletic competition.

Above the shield is the formal "L" representative of the school name.

On the scroll above the shield are the words Veritas (Truth) and Valor (Courage).  The scroll below displays the school name.


*(Hearaldic Descriptions use the Point of view of the item, not the observer).